The Careers and Enterprise Company

The Careers and Enterprise Company's mission is to bring together schools, colleges, employers and providers across England to provide high impact and well evidenced careers support for all young people.

Youth unemployment is three times higher than total unemployment. There are over 750,000 vacancies but 631,000 young people remain unemployed. Young people are struggling to get jobs, over a third of vacancies are due to a shortage of skills.

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Evidence and Research

Prioritisation indicators 2015 (Cold spots)

The research represents young people’s needs for careers and enterprise support as a heat map across the country. Colder areas are in need of more support, warm areas need it less. To measure the relative need of different areas we looked at a set of 'careers and enterprise indicators' at Local Enterprise Partnership and Local Authority level. The report collates indicators from UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and and looks at a combination of deprivation, employer engagement and outcome measures.

Prioritisation Indicators 2016 by LEP

Funding for D2N2

The Careers & Enterprise Fund

The Careers & Enterprise Fund is awarded to careers activity providers to enable them to scale up successful activities and reach more young people in their areas. 75% of this fund is directed to areas of greatest need across England, described as “cold spots”, to increase the number of encounters that young people have with employers while in education. For more information on local provision across D2N2 please contact the Enterprise Coordinators.

Mentoring Fund and Community

We invest in organisations that provide best practice mentoring programmes to enable them to upscale their reach and impact on young people across England. We are building a community of organisations, supported by our Enterprise Adviser Network, who share best practice in mentoring and deepen our understanding of the best ways to support young people in their education and employment choices. For more information and an overview of all the programmes Click Here.
The D2N2 successful and current providers are:

The Go4SET Mentoring Programme involves teams of 6 students from Year 8 or 9 working on a STEM project over a 3 month period. For more information call 0115 9516688 or visit

The Mentoring Programme will work in partnership with schools and will run until September 2018 aiming to support 450 young people from years 8-10 in secondary schools across the D2N2 area by providing one to one support over a 12-month period. For more information or if you’d like to refer a mentor or mentee call 0133 2348449 or visit

The Mentoring Programme in the D2N2 area in six schools, engaging 360 students. VIY will match Year 8-10 students with tradespeople through a mix of classroom and practical activities. For more information, or to take part contact Dee Dee Whelan, dee@emi.oedetavycm, 07380298248 or visit For a summary of the programme click here.