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D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership

To achieve the ambitions of Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottingham the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership is putting in place the infrastructure and conditions that will support business and employment growth, including a fit-for-purpose skills and training system which ensures our young people are properly prepared for work, enables employers to access the skilled workers they need and supports people, including our most disadvantaged individuals, to develop their skills and employability to gain, retain and enhance employment and earnings.

The outlined approach to skills and employment is designed to avoid duplication, meet the needs of employers, deliver more joined up working, ensure programmes complement existing services and funding and to ensure these are efficiently utilised, match skills to employment destinations, remove barriers to employment and deliver a step change in performance across D2N2 (as outlined in the Skills for Growth Strategy and ESIF strategy).

  • To ensure education and training systems reflect employer requirements,
  • To engage new start businesses and SMEs in the education and skills agenda,
  • To equip the workforce with the skills and competencies required by local employers, both at present and in the future,
  • Extend and deepen engagement between business sectors and training providers,
  • Encourage better matching of skills supply with employer need to address recruitment difficulties and unemployment, and
  • Develop employer-led, added value, flexible provision.

Employment and skills is a cornerstone of D2N2’s Strategic Economic Plan and the LEP is committed to increasing the number of jobs within the economy and ensuring that our businesses can access the skilled workers they need, both now and in the future. Ambitious coordinated action at strategic, local and individual levels is needed to ensure that everyone, irrespective of where they live or their background, is socially included and those experiencing poverty can access support to exit it. Paid employment and the pathways to it are recognised to be the primary route to achieving this.

There is a need to tackle unemployment, reduce the number of residents who are economically inactive and open up routes to employment for those not currently in work. Too many individuals and families in D2N2 continue to face disadvantage. Action is needed to ensure that every individual and family that is socially included and can access support to help them out of poverty. The need for lifelong learning is more evident now than ever before. People no longer have jobs for life with many people changing career as well as employers during their working life.

The D2N2 Skills for Growth Strategy identifies six key priorities;

  1. Develop sector growth agreements to make explicit ownership and shared responsibilities for investment, ICT, labour market intelligence and impact measures.
  2. Improve business leadership, management skills and training needs analysis to help increase productivity and performance.
  3. Promote and develop apprenticeships and traineeships to achieve higher level skills and improve social mobility.
  4. Foster enterprise and the characteristics of entrepreneurial behaviour, career adaptability and resilience.
  5. Raise the visibility of and access to career insights and specialist careers support for young people and adults to raise aspirations, participation, retention and achievement in learning and work.
  6. Promote graduate recruitment and facilitate graduate retention in the region.

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About D2N2

D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership
The D2N2 is the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) for Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Local Enterprise Partnerships are locally owned partnerships between local authorities and businesses. They play a central role in deciding local economic priorities and undertaking activities to drive economic growth and create local jobs.

  • D2N2 is one of the largest LEPs in England covering an area with a population of over 2 million people and economic output of over £36 billion.
  • Our vision is to make our area one of the strongest and most resilient economic regions in the UK.
  • Our purpose is to support and encourage economic growth in the D2N2 region.
  • Our ambition is to be one of the most respected LEPs, known for our professionalism and effectiveness.
  • D2N2 has a clear vision and strategy in place to guide its work in boosting the local economy. For further infomation regarding D2N2's strategic priorities and areas of ecomonic focus please visit our Strategy page.
  • D2N2 is lead by and governed by its board, made up of high profile and respected business leaders from across the D2N2 area.
  • Responding to our proposal, Government approved the formation of D2N2 LEP on 28th October 2010. The D2N2 Board first met on 17th December 2010.
  • Information regarding the role of LEP's, its activities and additional aspects such as the £1.4bn Regional Growth Fund are covered in the White Paper.

The N2 Skills and Employment Board

The N2 Skills and Employment Board has been established to provide private sector leadership on the employment and skills priorities for N2.


The N2 Skills and Employment Board has strategic responsibility for making sure the skills and employment support landscape across N2 best supports business growth and job creation.

The overall remit of the N2 Skills and Employment Board is to work across partners, commissioners and providers to ensure that skills in the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire labour market match the current and future needs of employers.

To support growth and enhance productivity across N2, we need to ensure individuals entering the labour market have the skills that are needed by our local businesses and that they continue to develop skills to enable them to progress. We must have clear strategies in place to ensure that people who experience high levels of disadvantage are able to benefit from the job opportunities that are created by our wider economic growth activity.

With that in mind, our vision is to:

Create and grow the highly skilled workforce required to support the economy now and in the future, while significantly reducing overall worklessness.

This vision will be achieved by pursuing four priorities:

  • 1.Making the skills and employment support landscape simpler and more accessible for employers and individuals.
  • 2.Developing an early years to employment approach which ensures that young people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire are prepared for the world of work and the future needs of our economy.
  • 3.Re-engaging unemployed and disengaged people through pathways that prepare and reintroduce them to the labour market.
  • 4.Ensuring the local workforce develops the higher level skills needed to increase business productivity and competitiveness whilst enabling individuals to fulfil their potential.

The N2 Skills and Employment Board is jointly accountable to the D2N2 LEP Skills and Employment Commissionand the N2 Economic Prosperity Committee.

Download the N2 Skills and Employment Framework 2015-2020 here

Contact Information

For more information please contact Owen Harvey, N2 Skills and Employment Partnership Manager on 0115 8762820 or by email at oe.avyntigact.o.kwnhre@otnhmiygvu

D2 Skills and Employment Board


D2 Skills and Employment (SEB) is Derby and Derbyshire’s leading voice for improving employment and skills opportunities.

Led by local employers, we are working to make sure people in Derby and Derbyshire have the right skills to match the needs of local employers, both now and in the future.

Around the same table we have business leaders, funding bodies, local politicians and training providers. We're part of the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership, or LEP, Skills and Employment Commission.

The SEB has the following priorities:

  • Inspire and engage young people to take on apprenticeship opportunities
  • Development of sector skills for growth
  • Increase business engagement in work readiness activities with young people
  • Influence the private sector to engage and support employment & skills programmes

Contact Information

For more information please contact the D2 Business and Skills Development Coordinator, Pratibha Hindocha via paih.idcadrygvurtbahnoh@eb.o.k.